Casino Mate Review – Find Hidden Free Spins for Your Good

The moment you get on the Mate Casino website you can see that everything here is user-friendly and functional. There are no distracting elements and you can start gambling right after you pass the registration which only takes several minutes.

You can enjoy the best online casino games from the most reputable manufacturers in the gambling industry and feel joy from the outstanding design that was developed in order to make the process of making bets even more comfortable and cozy both for the new players and those who play games in the gambling facilities for years.

There are many online casinos that offer players additional activities in order to vary the process. well, some of the players can appreciate that, however, some of us would rather play on the websites that offer a pure gambling only and nothing more in order to get concentrated on winning and the process – if you are from the second group the Mate Casino is definitely a best choice for you.

Once you take your chances on the website you will notice that there is a rather high payout rate after you will win much more often than in other online casinos. It is all about the outstanding way the administration treats its players and the fact here you can count on the 100% fair play policy that is enforced for the better gambling experience.

You also should pay attention to the special offers available for the players – there are not many services that provide an opportunity to use all the additional perks possible to such a big amount of players.

Actually, there are many things to say about the Mates Casino – that is the reason we have wrote this review, so just forth below to know more about all the notable features that can affect you choice like the presence of free spins, no deposit bonuses, cashbacks, match ups and all other valuable elements.


When you enter the Mate Casino promotions page you can see a great number of various offers that can motivate gamblers to choose this online casino so it would be a good idea to clarify the opportunities you get when you get engaged to usage of the promo codes.

At first you should definitely consider the welcome packs provided by this outstanding online gambling facility as there is no better way to make a good start than get some free spins, no deposit bonuses or even large deposit bonuses which then can become a good basis for victorious gambling in the online casino.

Most of the gamblers do not have any issues with using bonus codes available on the website, however, if you have any questions on how to use the promo code or which one to choose there are two options for you available – you can either enter the FAQ section on the or contact the support service which available to grant you some help 24/7.

Bonuses for Newcomers

All you need to know about the bonuses eligible for newcomers in the Mate Casino is the fact that you should use them anyway if you do not want to miss outstanding opportunities which can give you a victory in the vigorous fight against the casino. Look at the picture below to see the welcome pack you are able to claim.

Here is the table which shows the amount of bonuses you can claim if you make all the efforts to provide the big amount of sum for the first four deposits. as you can see you can claim as much as $1400 bonus funds on your balance if you make correspondent sum cash-in and moreover, you will also get as much as 20 free spins for the Second Strike slot machine completely for free.

Pay attention to ‘ZERO WAGER’ written near the free spins – that means that there is no wager requirement developed for this kind of bonus code which means that you can withdraw funds right after you win with the usage of these free spins.

Unlike the majority of other online casinos that have a deposit welcome bonus enforced for the first cash-in here you can get additional funds for as much as 4 cash-ins. However, there is only one requirement to be able to claim both the extra funds and free spins – make sure you have managed to make a payment of more than $20.

Other Promotions

Most of the online casinos in Canada and all over the world make it all to impress players both with the welcome packages and promo codes eligible for the acting players. The is not an exception as here you have a great amount of bonus codes to choose from in 2021 along with the sign up bonus.

At first, you should know that there are standard weekly bonuses that allow you to get extra funds on your accounts the amount of which completely depends on the deposit sum you have made.

The second thing to know there are bonuses that allow you to claim hidden free spins. The New You See Me Sunday is a good example of this perk which can be granted in case you make a deposit more than $20 on your account this day.

There also other promo codes which you can redeem in the cashier zone no matter whether you are a player from Canada or any other country. For example you can get a match up bonus or free spins for a specified slot machine – this can become an outstanding advantage for those who like slot machines or participate in the loyalty program launched by the online casino Mate which we are going to describe in details further.

At last, there are bonuses for those who play new games which are listed in the correspondent section on the Promotions page. You can get either free spins and the great amount of other perks if you play them – each game bonuses are described in details on the website.

Club-Mate – Loyalty Program for VIP Gamblers

As you may know there are many online casinos that provide their users with an opportunity to play online games with privileges by granting them a VIP status. If you think that the Mat Casino is just another one online gambling facility with such a program you may be surprised with the fact how personalized is the service developed for the elite gamblers.

You do not only get the gifts, and rewards other players cannot count on, you also get a personal manager, higher limits for depositing and withdrawal, you can make very high bets and win much more than any other player that is not the member of the club.

All of these perks are not given away for no reason, there are rewards for being loyal and dedicated gambler who is worth to be called a Club-Mate member, so in order to get this status and get all the advantages of this prestigious title you need to comply several demands:

  • Be loyal to the brand
  • Do not misuse bonus codes and promotions
  • Participate in the events held by the online casino administration

All the things written in this review about the Mate-Club are true and you will benefit even more from them when you manage to comply the necessary requirement of the loyalty program. Make sure you do not miss the best opportunities made up by the casino administration and subscribe to the newsletter issued by the website as there you can find a key to the better gambling experience.

Payout Rate

Payout rate is one of the most important indicators when you make a choice on whether to visit the casino or not. This is the alpha and omega of any online casino which sometimes can be more important than the promotions, choice of games and other elements. In the Casino Mate you can be sure that the payout rate complies the requirements of the most reputable international organizations devoted to provide as good regulative measures as possible to satisfy gamblers and improve their experience several times.

Here you can see that for the majority of the slot machines or games like roulette or blackjack the payout rate is rather high, thus all of you playing in the casino have high chances to win which only depend on your luck and sometimes like in case with the card games also on your skills.

For those who play games that only need from you acceptance of long-term strategic approach like slots or roulette these are also the good news as due to the fact in the Mate casino there is enforced the MD 5 RNG algorithm of the last generation you can be sure that no one will impact the results of the match, thus statistics and strategies can work out here.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling policy is a matter of concern of all respected casinos like Mate that are intended not to earn on weaknesses of people but to bring joy and outstanding user experience to all of those who wants to try out their luck in a spare time with the spare money.

That’s why you can limit your budget spent on gambling activities on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis by the request sent by the casino administration. Just tell the customer care agent you want to make sure you won’t spend more than a specified sum during the given period – that is what going to be a good idea if you struggle with control during the gambling process.

You also can ask support to make a block on your account for a specified period. Sometimes you just need a break from gambling, and if you want to take it, administration will deactivate your account for hours or days.

At last, if you want to get over with gambling there is also an option to delete your account. just withdraw the funds remaining on your balance and ask to delete your account – in several minutes the task will be accomplished and you can return to gambling when you want later.

How to Make Casino Better?

If you want to add any game or a feature to the online casino Mate category list there is no problem to do that – all you need to do is to contact the support service. Most of the online casinos remain ignorant to the requests of the players, however, here you can ask to add elements which can improve your gambling experience. According to the reviews on the online casino on the third party services the administration of the online gambling facility is always reacting on such requests and even if you won’t get what you want right now, you can be sure that it is going to be including in to the todo list of the administration and that is an approach to client service which has to be enforced by the casinos in the year 2021.

How to Get The Best Experience from Gambling in Casino?

Actually there is only one way that we all need to use in order to make our casino gambling experience as good as possible. Each of us needs to play responsibly. The online casino Mate has made it all to provide the gamblers with an opportunity to enforce responsible gambling so we need to use it.

One more thing each gambler should consider is using the bonus codes and participation in special events and offers of the online casino. In order to cope with that task one needs to make sure he or she is subscribed to the website newsletter as there is no better way than claim your promo code for more benefits by following the link that is inserted in the letter body.

If you use all the bonuses that are offered to you will get an advantage against the casino as you can use statistics, math and long-term strategies to win more than you lose and if you use a proper strategy and get a bit of luck there are high chances for you to get rich with the gambling activity. However, do not forget that gambling can be dangerous if you treat it as a way of earning – enforce the approach for you of getting joy and excitement from playing, not the cash.

24/7 Customer Care

The customer care service of the online casino is dedicated to bring you an outstanding service and help in the situations when there are any problems arisen or if you want to ask the question about bonuses or the policies of the casino. Here you can find out the details about the payment methods, request any data you need to make the best decisions on your gambling activity.

The best way to contact the support service is to use the online chat. You will get a response in the minute and then can keep talking with the online agent as long as you need to clarify the question. In the Mate casino there is made it all to let the user feel like the administration cares about one’s gambling experience while in the majority of other casinos there can be some problems with customer care as in some of them there is no even live chat – you only can contact the support via the ticket system or email.

Do not hesitate to use the help of customer care agents, however, note there are many pages in this online casinos where you can find the answers on your questions. For example, if you need to know the limits you can apply for when making deposits or withdrawals just visit the Payment Methods page or if you want to know the bonus terms and the way you can use promo codes visit the section which describes this topic.

Security and Privacy Issues

Most of the users do not trust the third parties and get nervous when it comes to disclosing their private data to different services. This approach can be understood considering all those news about leaks even when it comes to reputable services. However, here you can be calm about the security issues as your data is stored on the secured servers which cannot be hacked or reached by any kind of the frauders.

Your credit card number, name, surname, logs about your gambling activity are totally secured and cannot be retrieved by third parties. All you need to do for safe gambling is t verify your account which is a standard procedure for all the services storing user account information and dealing with money.

The Mate casino conducts common for all casinos verification system for KYC and AML purposes. This is necessary to get the license so there is no way there can be a legal casino without such a kind of restrictions. In order to apply for the verification you need to submit photos or scans of:

  • ID/DL/passport
  • Address proof – your utility bill will be okay
  • Credit Card image

After you undergo the verification process you can freely cash in or cash out funds from your account. This is eligible for citizens of Canada and the rest of the world except of the countries restricted by the online casino.

Mobile Gambling for Mates

If you prefer to be mobile and flexible when it comes to the gambling opportunities we have some good news for you and all other players in Canada and all over the world – the Mates Casino has launched a totally mobile optimized version of the website. Here you can find a responsive design, outstanding user-interface and smooth elements to get fully concentrated on the gambling activities.

Thus, if you want to download a mobile app you should know that playing the browser is even better and more comfortable as you do not need to install the app that is going to take so much space. As you know sometimes when you use the smartphone space insufficiency can be a real problem especially if you have many apps installed. With the Mate Casino user interface you won’t have such a problem – just make sure you have downloaded the last version of the browser on your mobile phone or tablet.

Be sure that all the promotions that are eligible for the desktop version of the website are just the same for the mobile one so you won’t have any issues with claiming promo codes if you have activated a bonus code on the PC and now want to use it on your mobile. Just login to the online website and enjoy your advantages.


Are there any reasons to consider Mate Casino as an option after you have read the review after comparing it with other casinos? Our answer is definitely – there are no many casinos that operate for users from Canada with such a great choice of the options and promo codes.

No matter which type of bonuses you prefer- there is an opportunity to get all of them and if you want to be an elite player with a personalized attitude – you should only become a member of the VIP club to get the most from the service you use.

Moreover, when you start it is not necessary to deposit much. Although you cannot claim a no deposit bonus here, you still can cash in as much as $20 to get bonus funds on your account and even free spins.

If you do not start with playing on real money play free games on the website while logging out of your account or before you have created an account. All you need to do to play free games is to enter the category section and choose among all of the games presented the one you want to try out.

Author: Dane Richmond